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Our packages focus on a wide-range of risk management services. Our role is to be available to the resort management team from fielding risk management questions to offering post-incident consultation. These packages include participating (or leading) incident investigation training, mock investigations, on-site collaborative review of resort policy and procedures, in-season operational visits, guest resolution, and more.  We offer 3 different tier packages to best suit the needs of our client.  To further complement our services and in collaboration with LVL*UP Academy, we provide our clients course(s) that will deliver to key team members, the latest in post-incident training in the most effective and efficent manner.


  1. Provide a confidential wide-lens approach to your resorts view on General Liability exposure

  2. Participate in on-site reviews of your resorts policies and procedures to ensure they comply with generally accepted industry practices that translate to employee execution

  3. Assist your management team with on-site incident investigation training  including mock investigations

  4. Respond and communicate with guests and attorneys to resolve guests seeking resolution 

  5. Communicate and report with appropriate parties as agreed upon, including management team, insurance carriers, third-party administrators, etc.


“Under the guidance of Whitcomb Resolution, we’ve gone from having a small team of individuals handling risk management to the best of our abilities; to having an educated, informed, and empowered staff now able to provide the necessary details to our insurance carrier when an accident occurs.”

Jay Dougherty, General Manager, Mount Southington

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