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A New approach to risk management

PROTECT your business

why is risk management important?

As shown in our "In the News" tab, lawsuits against small businesses are more frequent and injuries have evolved resulting in significant financial hardship to businesses and their ownership.  In some cases, the resulting damage is so great that the business has to significantly change its services or even shut down operations.  

Lawsuits - Demands, verdicts, and settlements...

Slip & Fall

*Still in litigation



Cyclist collision



Driver collision

what is a Fractional Risk manageR?

A fractional risk manager (FRM) is an experienced professional in the risk management field that can organize, educate, and help facilitate risk management efforts at your business.

Experienced Professional

benefits of a fractional risk manager

Eliminate the guesswork of how to identify exposures, what to collect after an incident, and more.

Personalized Plan

Prioritize your business's risk management plan with our guidance.

financial savings

Hiring a FRM allows for flexibility of your business needs with less commitment than hiring a full-time manager

Client Testimonial

"As a small business owner, Whitcomb Resolution helped educate and positively shift our risk management culture.  Jesse was knowledgeable and detailed, highlighting various considerations when it comes to general liability exposures and risk transfer - helping us protect our business."

Jim and Gisela Manna, Small Business Owners

Churchill's Garden Center

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