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Available Services

Available Services

Operational Snapshot

With over 20 years of risk management, guest resolution, incident investigation, claims, litigation, defense and loss control experience, we bring another set of eyes to help you look out for your business.  Our operational snapshot involves a site-visit to your place of business for us to complete a "walk around" and dialogue over your business's current risk management operations and identify general liability exposures.  We then schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss our findings and provide considerations to address identified exposures.


Incident Investigation Education - Overview

At a minimum, let us set you up with some template forms.  Working collaboratively, we can customize a set of Incident Investigation forms that fits your business.  The truth is in the details, if you are not capturing the facts of loss surrounding an incident, then someone else is going to create them for your.  Our Incident Investigation Education sessions lasts for 90 minutes and is intended for an owner(s) and/or GM.  During this meeting, we'll review your existing Incident Investigation materials and discuss situations unique to your industry and develop an approach on how to properly and timely respond.


Incident Investigation Education and Training

Expanding on the Incident Investigation - Overview, a 90-minute Incident Investigation session is available to all staff or selected staff members.  This initiative aims to establish a consistent approach to your business's investigation efforts, even when you're not there.  Having a uniform approach will help ensure you are getting the investigation materials you need to help effectively tell the story of what happened. 


Risk Transfer Educaton

This package aims to empower small business owners by enhancing their understanding of General Liability and outlining potential risk transfers opportunities from your business to other potentially involved parties.  There is no reason for your business to be responsible for someone else's liability.


Post-Incident Consultation

This timely collection of perishable information may be crucial for identifying the facts of loss that caused or contributed to an occurrence.  We offer post-incident investigation consultation to assist and provide direction for an appropriate investigation.


Guest Resolution

When incidents occur, we are set up and prepared to communicate on behalf of your business to resolve potential guest issues.  We work closely with small businesses taking a collaborative approach to resoluti9on efforts on a case-by-case basis.  


Insurance Communications

Timely and effective reporting to your insurance carrier can set you up for success for both coverage and defense purposes.  When an incident occurs that requires reporting with your insurance carrier, we can take that off your plate completely or assist by taking a team approach.  With significant background and expertise working in commercial general liability insurance on both the carrier and business side, our services will help bridge communications between your business side, our services will help bridge communications between your business and the insurance company 

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