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Despite all measures taken...

INCIDENTS ARE GOING TO OCCUR.  Claims and litigation are on the rise. The historical mindset of "it won't happen to our business" is no longer a confident position for small business owners.   Be in control and empower your team to react quickly and professionally when an incident does occur.

Boston, ma

Eataly Restaurant is sued by customer claiming to have slipped and fell on a free food sample of prosciutto.

Seeking $50,000+

The woman claims to have an ankle sprain and distal fibular avulsion fracture.  The claim includes "loss of enjoyment of life" and "great pain and suffering."

Mt hood, oregon

A cyclist sued the resort after claiming "he hit a rut and collided with a wooden sign installed next to the double black-diamond Cannonball bike trail" resulting cyclist to be paralyzed.

SETTLED FOR $10.5 million

In May 2022, Mt. Hood shut down its bike park indefinitely.


Whip-It! and other parties were involved in a lawsuit claiming "Whip-It! conspired with a smoke shop to sell the [nitrous oxide] product to customers they knew intended to illegally inhale the gas to get high.  A young woman was struck and killed by a driver of an SUV who passed out behind the wheel after abusing Whip-It!

awarded $745 million

The jury found that the company that distributes Whip-It! was 70% liable, the smoke shop was 20% liable, and the driver was 10% liable.

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