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Whitcomb Resolution, a small business located in Hampton Falls, NH, is powered by the collaborative efforts of Jesse and Tiffany—a husband and wife team. Together, we offer a more important than ever service aimed to educate LOCAL small businesses on effective risk management strategies.

Jesse’s extensive background handling claims, defense and loss control for the ski and outdoor recreation industry alongside his role as AVP of Complex Claims for an international insurance carrier, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to our clients. His experience in pre-incident loss control, post-incident response, negotiations and litigation management enables him to share practical insights and real-life examples of how implementing risk management efforts tailored to your business can be impactful to your insurance premium and provide peace of mind.

Tiffany’s background in education plays a pivotal role in facilitating effective communication among staff, management, and Whitcomb Resolution. Her expertise in simplifying the intricacies of the insurance world empowers our clients, ensuring they feel confident and informed when working with us.

Together, we present a fresh approach to risk management, dedicated to serving our clients with integrity and professionalism.

Jesse and Tiffany Whitcomb

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